About us

IEDG is a consulting company supporting boards, investors, executive leadership and organizations in the development of their large scale mining, infrastructure or energy projects.

We help our clients navigate the complex challenges of developing and executing major capital projects and programs to maximize the value and benefit of every dollar.



Our associates can provide independent, expert insight into your project or capital program.

Whether you’re concerned about the progress on that new gold mine, or planning to invest in a Project Management Office to oversee all your capital spending, IEDG associates can assess the project or opportunity and provide practical recommendations and services to maximize the opportunities for success of your venture.

Project Assessments

Already have a project or program under way?
We can do an audit or peer review to give you confidence that the work is under control and in good order.

Project Development

Still in the early stages?  Our IEDG associates can provide you with a template to get started, helping you avoid the pitfalls and gaps that commonly lead to project difficulties later on.

Project Governance

Once under way, boards and investors need some assurance that their project investment money is being well spent.  An IEDG associate team can help you set up good governance practices.


The team of IEDG associates are seasoned veterans with proven and demonstrated competence, knowledgeable in a wide range of industries and with diverse backgrounds leading world class teams and projects.



Certain your situation is unique? Think again.

With decades of experience across every aspect of the large capital project and program business, from mining to a variety of industries across North America and the world, our associates undoubtedly have experience with the situation you’re facing today.

Insights Blog

We regularly publish short articles or case studies addressing some of the issues we have run across and lessons learned that may be of interest to our clients or others in the project business…