Our associates can help investors or potential new Public-Private-Partnerships evaluate the prospects for subway system extensions and new lines, terminals, new bridges and tunnels and then set the project up for success.


Ports and terminals offer technical challenges that are very specific to the location.  Governmental regulations, tides, weather, commodities being loaded or offloaded, conditions of the shoreline, environmental sensitivities, depth of the water and ships to be serviced, all contribute to the complexities of designing and building port and terminal facilities.  

Any one of these factors can contribute to the eventual go or no-go decision for the project and must be evaluated carefully prior to a decision to proceed.


Pipeline projects can present a host of challenges including, but not limited to, land management, permitting, coordination, infrastructure and logistics.  Development teams that have not accounted for the risks and complexity of these issues will encounter untold delays, stoppages and costs.

Electrical Transmission

Electrical transmission lines are often built in some of the most remote and inaccessible terrain on the continent, leading to a variety of challenging circumstances when they need to be rebuilt or upgraded.

IEDG can help our clients by:

  • Developing supplier relationship strategies for and managing their supplier relationships to minimize costs and streamline logistics and handoffs.
  • Developing and implementing practical and realistic schedules factoring in schedule risks, mitigation and contingencies.
  • Developing and implementing contracting strategies to ensure contractor, stakeholder and owner expectations are aligned and the right contractor is engaged.
  • Setting up and staffing a project management office and governance system to manage the contractors and to ensure the owner’s interests are protected.
  • Supporting the owners team in setting up the right tools and reporting to maximize the opportunities for success.
  • Coaching and mentoring owner project team members to help them see hidden land mines and set up for long term success.