Power projects large and small require strong supply chain management.  The equipment they require —turbines, reactors, heat exchangers, electrical switchgear, etc. — is usually supplied by large companies that are looking to make a profit.  Owner companies must work closely with these suppliers to ensure they are getting the best deals and that their equipment is getting delivered to site when required.

In addition, power supply contracts generally put a premium on starting power projects up on schedule.  This focus on schedule certainty both for new projects as well as outages requires project teams, suppliers and contractors plan their project work down to the day (and hour in some cases).

IEDG team members have represented clients on major new wind farms in the North Sea and worked to set teams up for success on multi-billion-dollar nuclear power plant builds in Ontario, Canada.  IEDG team members have also led small diesel generator units as well as solar and biofuels studies.

We can help our clients:

  • Develop strategies for and manage their supplier relationships to minimize costs and streamline logistics and handoffs.
  • Develop and implement practical and realistic schedules factoring in schedule risks, mitigation and contingencies.
  • Reduce overhead costs by providing the right expertise as needed rather than requiring them to hire a full-time team.
  • Set up and staff a project management office and governance system to manage contractors and to ensure owners’ interests are protected.
  • Coach and mentor owner project team members to help them see hidden obstacles and set up for long-term project success.