The IEDG Difference

Project Development

An innovative way to manage your capital project investments

IEDG provides a new way for clients to navigate the complex challenges of developing and executing capital projects and programs. We help them minimize risk and achieve project objectives by providing high value expertise and scalable management services.

IEDG offers extraordinary depth of experience and knowledge. Together our team has managed projects and project management teams for some of the world’s largest and most complicated engineering/construction projects – as well as a myriad of small projects and programs. We know and understand the unique challenges both large and small projects can present.

Our sole purpose is to be your trusted advisor. We provide independent oversight and unvarnished counsel to our clients because we have no ulterior motives, no engineering job-hours to sell, no favours to curry and no axes to grind.

To help our clients maximize the value of their capital dollar spend and minimize their risks.

IEDG is your “ace in the hole”. The team you can call on to watch out for your best interests, bridge the gaps and maximize your company’s opportunities for project success.

The IEDG Difference

  • Access our team’s deep experience and counsel:
    • As and when you need them
    • With the specific expertise you require
    • Including: contracts, procurement, project controls, construction and labor relations
  • Leverage our holistic perspective: Our experience managing projects – both as owners and as contractors – helps us understand the motivations of both sides.
  • Take comfort in IEDG’s independence: No obligations, biases or ulterior motives.
  • Take advantage of IEDG’s experience and ability to monitor and actively manage EPCM contracts to maximize opportunities for success and minimize risk.
  • Realize cost savings over the course of projects as the need to hire full-time owner’s project teams is minimized.
  • Leverage IEDG’s proven track record of successful projects
  • Take advantage of the IEDG team’s first-hand knowledge of project delivery models and industry best practices
  • Make use of our knowledgeable, consistent team to implement and drive best practices and benchmarked continuous improvement
  • Leverage the IEDG team’s expertise to train and develop your company’s next generation of management professionals