Project Assessment

Project investments are a big commitment for the organization. Investors and board members understandably worry about whether their investment is on track. We at IEDG can come in and do a review of the team, progress and practices and provide you an unbiased, independent overview of the project.

If there are issues, our experienced associates will be able to spot them quickly and evaluate whether the current team and conditions are able and on track to manage them.

We will provide unbiased recommendations based on years of experience with similar projects both within and outside the industry.

We view it as our job to speak the truth and help the board, investors and/or executives be successful.

Project Development

Although every project and circumstance is different, big projects and programs have common pitfalls and life spans. Be it subway systems or pipelines or ports or power plants or refineries or mines, large projects require a vision, a team and investors. There are concerned stakeholders and a myriad of issues to manage.

Our associates together have many decades of experience dealing with hundreds of similar projects. They have lived through the good and the bad and have the experience to know how to set your project or program up for success.

We will review the circumstances of your particular project or program and help you identify a team, a plan and a process by which the opportunity for success is maximized.


Project Governance

Boards and investors need assurance that their ventures are in good hands and are being managed effectively. A governance system that identifies the rules of the road without creating undue barriers is a necessity for every successful project.

IEDG specializes in implementing governance structures that define reporting and decision-making processes and limits. We ensure that rules of engagement are set up identifying clear roles and responsibilities, as well as limits of authority — defining the playing field for all. We’re experts in establishing reporting requirements and criteria to ensure clear and transparent communications and accountability.

Good governance enables executives, the board and investors to respond quickly to issues as they arise. It eliminates barriers and helps set ventures up for success, by minimizing confusion, hurdles and bureaucracy.